Core Values

INTELLIGENCE. We recognize that our students differ from one another in their capacity to grasp and understand ideas, to adjust to different learning situations, environment and experiences, to develop their intellectual and reasoning skills and to strengthen their ability to overcome life’s challenges. It therefore spells the progress of knowledge acquisition vis-à-vis the realistic conceptualization of the ideal.

CHARACTER. Consider the individualistic genetic characteristics, formation and education. The family, is every individual’s first school where one’s pattern of behaviour is first required. The relational lives of our students has also been influenced by adults, regarded as formators at home, in the Church and in the community. The school carefully assist students in the never-ending processes of unlearning, learning, and re-learning. This, every school constituent is a learner in a functional environmental.

COMPETENCE. A state that spells quality performance whereby the individual applies acquired knowledge and inherent skills and abilities. The school is responsible for the students’ intellectual and academic formation in order for them to become a true parishioner of any parish or religious sect, and better citizens of the country, the present or their future abode. Becoming competent, therefore, is the individual’s effort, as theories may prove useless without praxis.